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Etienne LescureEtienne Lescure
14:57 11 Jul 24
Great Volvo service and excellent customer service. Trustworthy
It has been a few months since this occurred but I wanted to go back and write a review about this experience.I’ve taken my aging XC70 I’m a couple of times for repairs and maintenance and always had a good experience. Earlier this year I took my car in to get my radiator fan assembly replaced due to blown relay. During the diagnostic I was told this was the only significant problem and the work was carried out as normal. Unfortunately upon picking up and starting my vehicle from this repair a large amount of cooling fluid poured onto the ground. Upon further investigation with me and the technician it appeared that the jostling of installing the new fan had resulted in a small leak on my radiator being exacerbated to the point it was no longer functional. This leak had not been noted on the paid diagnosis/inspection and I had not been warned that this was a possibility but there was clear evidence that the leak had been present before the repair.Upon speaking with the manager and owner we were able to compromise. I accepted that the part was likely failing already, my responsibility, and they accepted that it should have been reported to me, their responsibility, before I decided to carry out an expensive repair on an old car. In the end we decided that I would purchase the new radiator and they would instal it with no charge for the work.I was very pleased with the dialogue we were able to have and the professionalism of the team in such a complex situation. Things do not always go to plan, especially working on old cars, and having a team as professional as those at Bakers Garage is important. I am grateful for their amazing customer service and technical skills and would highly recommend their services.
Becca RBecca R
23:58 26 Jun 24
This place was the only good part of owning a Volvo. While I'd never recommend buying a Volvo, if that's what you're into, I would absolutely recommend Baker Garage.
Deborah BarrDeborah Barr
15:51 25 Jun 24
Jeremy and crew could not have been nicer. I called to see if I could get my S60 in before heading back east at the last minute but they are booked out a few weeks. They suggested I swing by and let them take a look just to diagnose what it might be. They gave it a once over tweaked a couple things, reassured me I would make it back cross country safely, gave me the part numbers I would need when I return and sent me on my way. Highly recommend and thank you guys again so much for your help.
Robert DrakeRobert Drake
13:56 11 Jun 24
They did very good standard maintenance work on this visit. Their usual checkups and required filter changes, etc. were completed without complications. A very good shop to work with. This time was a little slower than usual because of a full workload.
Paul CPaul C
04:20 25 Apr 24
Great shop. Jeremiah's awesome.
Jesse RuchJesse Ruch
16:05 16 Apr 24
They did such an awesome job working with my warrenty company for my new windshield. Instead of an off brand replacement, I got a Volvo brand replacement. Thanks, Baker team. You have earned my repeat business.
David SotoDavid Soto
03:21 29 Mar 24
Polly KrusePolly Kruse
14:46 28 Mar 24
I LOVE Baker Volvo! Having recently transferred my regular maintenance and service over here from the dealership I could not be happier! They are very trustworthy, efficient, and friendly. I am happy to have found them and know that I am getting an honest opinion and recommendation every time I go here. Thank you, Baker Volvo!
TSG KingmingmoTSG Kingmingmo
01:42 05 Mar 24
I recently purchased a 1990 volvo 240 DL. This is my FAVORITE car of all time. But as expected, it’s got some issues. I came in after being recommended from another service shop from another. The staff were extremely professional as opposed to some other places I had gone earlier in the day. Jeremy is a terrific guy and laid out a plan for my car in order to fix some issues. He was able to replace what I had originally come in for, being my broken turn signal lever, but he went above and beyond. He stayed late to ensure I understood the trivialities with my vehicle. I scheduled another repair appointment in the coming weeks. This is definitely going to be my go-to repair service.Thank you, Jeremy!- Mordechai
Cooper BohmCooper Bohm
20:28 21 Feb 24
There's no better place in Denver to get your car serviced. Honest car evaluations. Honest prices. Jeremiah and the rest of the staff are friendly and will never to swindle you. 100% recommend.
Paul EvertonPaul Everton
16:16 19 Feb 24
I love Baker Garage! As a car enthusiast, it's important that my ride is well taken care of. I love the customer service and how they not only go out of their way to get the car fixed asap, but to give it the thorough investigation that other shops do not. The icing on the cake, is they have an alignment machine in-house and make sure your car is perfect before handing you the keys.
Christopher DeanChristopher Dean
17:27 08 Jul 22
Excellent group working here! They checked over my 15 year old volvo with a fine tooth comb and took the time to explain everything they saw in extreme detail. They're experienced, honest, and efficient. They have a nice waiting room available if you have to stay and they did mention loaner vehicles if I had to leave mine for some reason but make sure you book it in advance.
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