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For the past three years Volvo Specialists has been caring for my 2007 XC70 Volvo. The staff & mechanics are so courteous & helpful! I trust them 100 %. I am very grateful that my friend referred me to them!
May 2, 2018

Stephen Garran

Volvo Specialists (ok…. Baker Garage ? ) have always serviced our Volvo’s (XC70 and XC90) there and had great service and support. I also had them replace a clutch on my (wife’s) 1967 Maserati Quattroporte which I normally would have done myself, but needed it in short order for a car club rally.
I really appreciate that they are all car folks, are honest and objective about what needs to be done vs. not important right now. I love the new reception and waiting area, the shop area is always neat and tidy. There is a great big window in the waiting so you can see what’s going on in the back.
January 15, 2016


So far so good. I went here for an oil change and was not disapointed.
April 26, 2014


While they’re not the cheapest shop in town (maybe they are, but no one who works on Volvos should really be called “cheap”, right?) they are the only guys I’ll trust with my car. I’m on my second Volvo, but still on my first shop. You can tell the level of trust their other customers have in them by the quality of the cars in the parking lot. The cars are unique, special, and in perfect condition – which means their customers are picky and attentive. The employees are the same way. Total Volvo nerds – and proud of it. I’ve never seen anything outside the shop that wasn’t a Volvo, and clean, well-sorted ones at that!

They love Volvos. They know Volvos. You could say they eat, sleep, and breathe Volvos. I’ve been on several drives with the guys who work here, and it is clear that their blood is 91 octane. They love their cars, and drive them like they were meant to be driven.

I’m often disappointed by the price of the parts (more Volvo’s fault than the shop), but the labor is reasonable and I’m always happy with the support I’ve received. I never get the sense that I’m being hustled. And Brett always has an opinion on OEM vs Aftermarket parts, and I’ve done very well to listen to his advice these past few years.

My favorite thing about the shop is their willingness to troubleshoot and guesstimate over the phone. I’ve never felt pigeonholed into “coming in for a diagnostics check” which really is a typical game I’ve seen at just about every other shop – the typical “open the hood fee”. Brett is not afraid to tell me “That’s not a big problem, and we can take care of it in a few weeks when you come in for an oil change – don’t worry. It won’t do any damage”. If it’s something they can’t diagnose over the phone, I never worry about bringing my car in the next day because I know they’ll give me a courtesy ride to the office, call me once they know the problem, and – my favorite thing – they’ll ask me what I want to do to fix it – they’re aware that I’m not made of money.
Finally, the last page of every repair packet has recommended repairs, their cost, and their urgency. It really helps take the sting out of the repairs to know the problem has existed for a while and I can save a couple of bucks to prepare for solving it in a month or two.
These guys are all about long-term relationships and not the quick buck. I recommend them hands down.
August 15, 2013


Our 2006 S-40 Volvo is the O’Malley family favorite (just do not tell the Exterra). We moved to Denver in 2012 and knew we needed to find a reliable Volvo service center – and we did! Baker Garage – Volvo Specialists came highly recommended and we have not been disappointed.

Every call for either a scheduled oil change or my “hair on fire” help has been answered calmly and efficiently. Each step and options for parts given with their recommendation are fully explained – never with pressure. Volvo remains our family tradition and to have this trust and assurance with pleasant interaction goes a long long way – thank you!
February 5, 2018


Have been going here for several years, ever since I bought my first Volvo. This place is great! Excellent service and knowledgeable mechanics.
November 26, 2014


Brett and his crew really know Volvos. They do great work at a reasonable price. I have used Volvo Specialists for several years and they have earned my trust.
September 4, 2014


Since I first bought my Volvo, it had suspension issues. Every bump in the road was felt while the struts thumped on something inside. I finally got my car fixed when my tax return came in and I have to say I was pretty impressed with Volvo Specialists Service.

First of all, they worked with me on the price. I told them I could only afford $1000 and they were able to find affordable parts to get the price to just above that. They were also very quick, fixing all four struts in only one day.

More impressively, when I noticed an odd chik-chik sound coming from the same area as the struts, they quickly fixed the problem when I brought the car back at no extra charge. They did this despite the problem maybe only being tangentially related to the original problem. So basically because they have awesome customer service.

I’ve only owned a car for five months and have definitely been worried about all that comes with owning a car. Because of Volvo Specialists Service, I no longer have to worry about finding an excellent, reliable mechanic, because these guys are definitely top-notch.
March 25, 2014


I had to deal with the dreaded “check engine” light and scheduled maintenance on my Volvo and I decided to fore-go the overpriced dealer service for a specialty Volvo shop. I chose this place based on their decent website, reasonable prices and the friendly staff that talked to me on the phone.

Of course, I was really worried that this was going to be a major repair because my car just went out of warranty and that is the kind of luck I have with cars, but thankfully it was nothing major. The bill for the scheduled maintenance was reasonable and they gave me some good suggestions for things I can do myself to prolong the life of the car.

The only thing I didn’t like was that they didn’t tell me over the phone that I had to pay $90+ for them to hook my car up to the computer to find out why the check engine light was on. I did appreciate that they took the time to explain the bill and the suggestions that they had for future maintenance. Overall, the experience was pretty painless and I will go back in the future.
March 31, 2009


I own a classic Volvo. After numerous repairs, I have decided to make Volvo Specialists my home for the following reasons:

–Justin Chenoweth, a co-owner, does outstanding work. He has rebuilt M40 transmissions, torn down and rebuilt 1800 models, and modified engines. He immediately won my respect when he told me, “I don’t have extensive experience on old fuel injections, but I can promise you that your car will always leave here in far better condition than when you brought it in. And if you’re not satisfied, I won’t charge you.”

–Another shop in the area told me, “From now on, all classic cars brought in for repair will need to left here indefinitely.” Such is not the case at Volvo Specialists.

Once Sweden’s Pride in Englewood closed, classic Volvo owners were left with few options. I am pleased to say that Justin and his crew have filled that void for the Denver metro area.
May 19, 2017


Great guys. Brett at the front is helpful and informative. Justin did a great job on myV70R and was patient in explaining things.
Fair priced and honest.
Will use agian.
August, 2 2013


Called one day with a car that wasn’t starting. They had a full schedule but still fit me in and had me going again in about 24 hrs. I figured the problem was with the starter and they confirmed it and replaced it. No attempts to up-sell, just an honest repair job that got me on the road quickly. Great experience with these guys – definitely recommended!
February, 5 2012


This place came highly recommended by a buddy, and after three visits I agree. The oil change is reasonably priced (around $40 if you download the coupon from their website), and they give you a laundry list of all the stuff that’s wrong with your car after the oil change. They always remember me, even though I come in sporadically.
They are definitely not ‘discount’, but if you want quality care for your Volvo and a feeling that you aren’t being hustled, check them out.
July 16, 2010