Winter is one of the most brutal seasons of the year. The temperature drops far below freezing, traction on roads becomes a problem do to ice, snow and sleet, and snow can make visibility a problem. There’s no worse gamble than being caught in the thick of winter, completely unprepared. There are a lot of common misconceptions surrounding “winterizing” your car but avoiding it puts your safety at risk.

How to Winterize Volvo

Along with regular maintenance, repairs, and upgrades, getting into your local Volvo mechanic in Denver will help you make the changes you need to prepare your care for winter.

  1. Winter Tires: Skidding and gliding can be terrifying- losing control of your car, or not being able
    to direct its movements, means driving quickly becomes unpredictable. Safety while driving is
    one that we all take for granted, however, if your tires are not built to handle winter conditions
    and the harshness they bring, then your safety is out at risk. Winter tires for your Volvo are specially built to handle the weather conditions of the season: snow, frozen rain, sleet, and ice. These tires have extra grip and give your car more traction on slippery roads.
  2. Winter Wiper Blades: There is no time when it is not crucially important for a driver to see out
    of their windshield, especially during winter when visibility is most affected. That, in addition to
    the difficult weather and decreased hours of light, means that winter is when you need reliable
    windshield wipers the most. Your otherwise year-round wipers won’t do the trick here since you
    need to be sure of your wiper’s reliability. Changing to winter wiper blades will save
    you the hassle of peering uncertainly through your windshield and give you more confidence as
    you drive. It’s also important for you to remember to refill your washer fluid frequently as you’ll
    be using it a fair amount over the winter months
  3. Weather-Proof Interior: Most of the general winter preparation focuses on the outermost parts
    of your car, but we often forget the amount of snow, ice, and dirt that gets tracked into the car
    as well. Nothing is worse than making it through the winter only to have a ruined interior
    marked with salt marks and carrying a musk from melted snow. A very important part of
    preparing for the change in weather is making sure you get rubber inserts for your car’s floor.
    Cleaning them out regularly will also keep your Volvo clean.

In addition to winter-proofing, make sure to get your heating and engine checked. The change from air conditioning to heater can sometimes mean an unpleasant smell due to lack of use during warmer months.

Decided to start preparing for winter? You can rely on Denver’s independent Volvo mechanics to deck your car out in all the best upgrades to make sure you’re ready for just about anything winter throws at you.

Want to do more to protect both yourself and your Volvo from the wear and tear winter can have? Visit our Volvo Denver Baker Garage and speak to one of our trained Volvo mechanics about what upgrades are best for your car. Winter is a difficult season but driving in it doesn’t have to be.